For experimenters

There three main rules:
  • You must obtain an approval of your experiment from the UAHPEC (see the Ethics in the menu on the left)
  • Our lab follows the standards for experimental studies established in the experimental economics. In particular, by using the lab you agree not to deceive participants (at the same time note that it is perfectly admissible and even advisable not to disclose your research hypotheses to avoid "demand effect").
  • You should not schedule your experiment immediately before or after an already scheduled study. Please leave at least 30 min between.

If you never ran experiments we recommend that that you

  • visit Charles Holt's web page
  • discuss the design of your experiment with one of the researchers listed below before you schedule an experiment. Their advise may help you avoid typical mistakes (e.g. "demand effect", "experimenter effect", etc).

Dr. Ananish Chaudhuri
Dr. Valery Pavlov