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Welcome to DECIDE

We are proud to announce that the University of Auckland Business School established a laboratory for research in business decision-making, thus joining a list of academic institutions such as, to name a few, Caltech, Harvard, Berkeley, Princeton, University of Arizona, University of Virginia, University of Cologne and Melbourne University. The importance of laboratory experiments in social sciences cannot be overestimated. In recent years a number of experimental social science researchers such as Daniel Kahneman of Princeton, Alvin Roth of Harvard and Vernon Smith of Chapman University have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for their ground-breaking work.

If you are a student considering a possibility to participate in the experiments we encourage you to do so. There are two major benefits from participation.

  • First, environments replicated in the experiments are motivated by real-life problems and getting a first-hand experience in the lab may help you better handle them in real life.
  • Second, in order to imitate relevant features of real-life problems experimentalists try to attach different values to different options that subjects can choose from during an experiment. Typically, this is accomplished with money. In other words, in most experiments participants are provided an opportunity to earn some amounts of money. In the past experiments, different individuals earned from $5 to $40. Each study has its own payment rules but, generally, the amount earned by an individual depends on the decisions made by that individual, decisions made by other participants and an element of chance.

You are very welcome to register in the system (click "Registration" on the left) to receive notifications about scheduled studies.

If you are an academic or industry researcher willing to conduct an experiment, please contact the lab administration.

For questions please contact